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Other Books by Jonathan Ledwidge

The Human Asset Manifesto

The inability of modern organizations to engage and motivate their employees in a manner that makes individual effort more worthwhile, productive, and rewarding is a cardinal failure of our time.

The Human Asset Manifesto unequivocally demonstrates that organizations are socially dysfunctional, and despite professing a great interest in people, they remain steeped in the Scientific Management principles of the past. Thus, they emphasize technology, process, and control, over relationships, engagement, and motivation.

The Human Asset Manifesto rejects the modern approach to management and conclusively demonstrates that people, their human and social disposition and their motivation, are the source of innovation, productivity, and competitive advantage.

By redefining the organization in human and social terms, The Human Asset Manifesto makes it abundantly clear that organizations can only achieve their best when they view their business as a human and social construct that lives and breathes, and respond accordingly. It emphatically declares that a leader must first be a human being.

The Human Asset Manifesto defines a strategy for human asset assessment and development that resonates with every individual who ever craved an opportunity to give of their very best, while being sufficiently expansive to question our approach to freedom and liberal democracy.

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A Mannequin for President

A Mannequin for President offers credible responses to a range of questions including how and why the most powerful nation on earth would elect a man of limited intellect for its President. It examines the alignments, interactions, and roles of religion, media, the military-industrial complex, war, race, and corporate power in American politics.

Moving a step further, A Mannequin for President then explores how these issues effectively translate into policies that ordinary Americans and the rest of the world are now being made to endure.

A most intriguing aspect of all this is that the current agenda is an open secret. The problem is that people see differences in objectives and unwittingly pass them off as differences in opinion. A Mannequin for President challenges us to judge and place events in their true context (i.e., one based on actual outcomes) as a first step to defining the true motives of the actual perpetrators.

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